Limon - Mucho by The Neighborhood E Liquid

Brand: Mucho by the Neighborhood E Liquid

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Limon - Mucho by The Neighborhood E Liquid

There are just some flavors that go together. Individually, they can be good—even great—tastes; however, when combined, they become something incredible. Peanut butter and jelly, for instance, is a classic example; macaroni and cheese is another good one. Bacon and eggs is a delicious pairing. But, perhaps the most classic flavor duo is lemon and lime. It’s hard to even say one without the other: that’s how frequently the two are mentioned at the same time. And they are perfect compliments: lemon is quite sour, while lime is more of a tart taste. They are similar, but distinct. And when they go together, it creates a delicious combo that is hard to beat. Just thinking about it is enough to make your mouth pucker as you imagine the tangy taste of any lemon-lime drink you’ve ever enjoyed; is there anything more refreshing when you’re feeling overheated? That is why Mucho eJuice created Limon (a clever word-play on “lime” and “lemon”), a tangy e-juice that marries two of the greatest citrus tastes. This blend is a refreshing pick-me-up, one that will shake your senses and refocus your energy. With a citrusy tingle that will go from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, this juice is sure to delight anyone that loves sour tastes, or just likes a vaping experience that is outside the normal “fruity” flavors. And with Mucho eJuice, you are guaranteed a rich vape that is as good on the last drop as it is the first. This classic taste combination is perfect for anyone that is looking for an enticing e-juice, but doesn’t want to sacrifice quality for flavor. You can get both with Mucho’s Limon blend: cool, refreshing citrus flavor and a full-bodied juice that makes for fantastic vaping every time. Grab a bottle and enjoy a revitalizing citrus experience today!

Primary Flavors: Lemon, Lime