Looped - Loud E Liquid

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Looped - Loud E Liquid

Sometimes you just have to get back to basics! This flavor is one that was probably a staple in your diet during your school days and was almost like being able to indulge in dessert at breakfast time. Why would we ever want to put aside certain foods for only particular times of the day? When something tastes good and you have a craving for it, you should enjoy it any time that you may please. This is going to make it so that you are able to really get the absolute most out of a nostalgic and lovable flavor that you remember fondly. When you take an inhale, your heart is going to flutter with joy and you will start to think back to those simpler times when your worries were few and you lived to have fun! That is something that makes this juice a selection that you want to continuously come back to whenever you need a quick pick me up and a reminder to be a little bit silly and make your days as enjoyable as can be. It will be so easy to be able to find your happy place as long as you have an inspiring option like this around. Loud E Liquid creates a stunning range of delicious juices that aren't afraid to think outside of the box and offer up something that is different than anything else that you will come across in your travels. Looped is going to give you that sweet, fruity cereal that you love with some sweet, rich milk that gives you as authentic of an experience that you will be able to find.

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Milk