Luscious Lemonade - Jungle Drip E Liquid

Brand: Jungle Drip E Liquid

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Luscious Lemonade - Jungle Drip E Liquid

Whichever way that you spin it, there is no way that any other refreshment could ever dethrone lemonade as being the ultimate summertime drink. We immediately connect it with barbeques, picnics and trips to the beach with its tart, revitalizing taste that is able to give you just what you need to be able to get that invigoration that you require. This blend takes that classic treat that we all crave when the weather gets warmer and adds in some exotic fruit flavors that are going to update it in the very best of ways so that you never can grow tired of it. Who would have ever thought that you would be able to get so much enjoyment out of a vape juice blend that is unlike anything else that is out there. What more could you ever want than having the option to immediately access a taste that you crave and long for with such vigor whenever the mood strikes? It really doesn't get any better than having an option like this around to give you exactly what you want. Convenience really does rule all and the convenience that a well-made juice blend is able to bring into your life will be so special. Jungle Drip E Liquid makes some truly special blends that are unlike anything that you've ever had in the past with its way of giving you so much authentic, fresh taste without having to go out and try to find the real thing in a ripe and enjoyable form. Luscious Lemonade starts out with a hand squeezed, tart lemonade base that has exotic, bold pineapple and succulent, sweet peaches thrown into it that bring in an added layer of complexity that you'll absolutely love.

Primary Flavors: Lemonade, Peach, Pineapple