Lychee Berry - Xcel Sixty E Liquid

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Lychee Berry - Xcel Sixty E Liquid

That vibrant, fresh flavor that you crave is going to bring a revival into your routine that you thought was only possible through taking a week off and heading to a spa. Don't worry about shaking up your life or having to save up a small fortune to go away to an overhyped retreat. you will be able to get all of the rest and invigoration that you were after with this juice that takes natural flavors that we all love and pumps them up to give you an impressive boldness that is going to stop you in your tracks right away. Don't sit around being heartbroken and unfulfilled by juices that just don't make you feel inspired and like you are getting that quality that you deserve. If you feel the need to add a juice into the mix that is going to be dependable, easy to come back to and a true staple, this is one that is going to be one of the very best selections that you could choose. Xcel Sixty E Liquid makes some of the most fabulously intense juices that you could ever come across with a huge amount of attention to detail that will make you feel like you are vaping the most authentic and true to form flavors possible. Lychee Berry combines the exotic and rare delicacy known as the lychee fruit with a mixture of extremely bold berries that will burst up against your senses and have you mystified right from the get-go. You will love the way that this blend adds a spark of liveliness into your routine.

Primary Flavors: Lychee, Mixed Berry