Lychee Dragon - The Finest Signature Edition E Liquid

Brand: The Finest Signature Edition E Liquid

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Lychee Dragon - The Finest Signature Edition E Liquid

With a bright, bold fruit flavor that is rare to find, this juice is going to be one of those must-have blends that anyone who appreciates more natural tasting juices really should try. There is no escaping the incredibly bold and outrageously realistic flavor that this juice is able to offer up and with the summertime very quickly approaching, we all should get a couple of extra fruit-based juices into our lives. Think about how lovely that it will be to be able to pop this blend into your mod and take an inhale whenever you need a little energizing jolt of goodness to keep you on your toes and just as full of pep as can be. Forget about being bogged down by the heat and humidity, every inhale will draw you further into a state of refreshment that will ensure that you are always satisfied. It can be tough to find rare flavors like this outside of their place of origin, if your grocery store happens to carry them, odds are they don't taste as ripe and delicious as they should. A blend like this provides you with the option of being able to enjoy those flavors that you crave without having to go to the ends of the earth to have to track them down. The Finest Signature Edition E Liquid will stop you in your tracks with their dedication to making premium quality blends that will make you feel like a millionaire as soon as you vape them. Lychee Dragon is an enchanting combination of succulent, juicy dragon fruit and some sweet, tropical lychee that will have you simply invigorated.

**This product comes in 2, 60ml bottles**

Primary Flavors: Lychee, Dragon Fruit