Lychee Luau - Tropic King On Salt E Liquid

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Lychee Luau - Tropic King On Salt E Liquid 

A little salt e liquid can most of the time make the day go by a lot faster and smoother. Lychee Luau is the name of the vape juice that is brought to us by Tropic King On Salt E Liquid. This collection is not one to be left ignored because it has introduced several succulent blends to us, and they seem as if they are not going to be done any time soon. When you get your hands on this flavor, you have to be ready to get a blast of fruity flavors in your mouth. Taking the first pull is an incredible experience as it allows the lychee to fully enter without leaving anything out. This exotic fruit is going to be incredible, but you might not have much experience with it. Being that it is not a fruit that is available in any grocery store, it is difficult to come into contact with one that is going to be ripe and ready for you to eat. Well, if you never tried it before, then this will be a lovely introduction to it. This salt e liquid is each going to give you the lychee with a creamy touch that makes it melt in your mouth. As you continue to inhale, you recognize a couple of other notes trying to squeeze their way inside so your taste buds can experience them as well. The pear notes are going to be juicy as if they were freshly picked and instantly added to the combination. There is no time for any juiciness to escape! Last, but not least, you are going to savor the delicious peaches that seem to have a ton of freshness for you to enjoy as it scatters all over your palate. Ready for the next part? Since this vape juice has salt based nicotine, you better be ready for the explosive throat hit that is seriously going to make the fruity notes get more potent and tastier. When you are done with this salt e liquid, do not be afraid to take the next hit as soon as possible because they only get better from here.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**


Primary Flavors: Lychee, Pear, Peach