Magna - Aeris Vapor

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Magna - Aeris Vapor

Find your happy place with this combination of fruit flavors that will have you thinking up a relaxing, wonderful life where there isn't a single trouble that could ever enter your life. There really is something to be said about getting back to basics and natural, pure fruit flavors like the ones that come into play with this one will be the ideal way to be able to find that comforting simplicity. it really won't take much to be able to find yourself satisfied and electrified by the exciting and magnetic flavors that come together and make this juice a truly wonderful thing. The first moment that you try this, you will feel like you were really treated to something that puts itself apart from everything else. Anyone who has been vaping for a while will know all about how difficult that it can be to be able to find blends that involve fruit tastes that are accurate without that artificial tinge that ruins your experience. This is the real deal that tastes just like it was harvested from the great outdoors. The biggest thing that will draw you in is the sheer invigoration that takes this juice to new heights that you won't be able to get enough of. Aeris Vapor will have you in the heat of passion with their fresh and true to form selections that are going to have you feeling just as overjoyed as can be. Their quality is really second to none and when you invest in one of their juices, you will know that you are setting yourself up for something that is truly special. Magna combines succulent, juicy peaches with tender, exotic mangosteen and some bold, ripe strawberries.

Primary Flavors: Peach, Mangosteen, Strawberry