Mango Cream Dream - Mango Twist E Liquid

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Mango Cream Dream - Mango Twist E Liquid

Jump up and do the twist because this blend has got that kind of dance worthy flavor behind it that makes anyone who tries it want to shimmy and shake. This is a new take on an old favorite that has a little bit of tropical flair that will have you dreaming of sunny skies and sandy beaches. We are sure that in your youth you have chased after your neighborhood ice cream truck in search of the sweet treat that this blend is based off of. It has that duality about it that combines fresh, fruity ice pop with creamy, rich ice cream to make this balanced delightful taste that offers you up the best of both worlds. It was no wonder why this treat was always one of the first ones that they would always sell out of and now that you can have it for yourself in a vape juice form, you are going to be able to vape it to your hearts content and really take your time and savor it because you aren't going to have to concern yourself with making a melty puddle all over the place. Mango Twist E Liquid has got the key to making fabulous vape juice blends that have gotten this exotic twist to them that is going to bring sunshine and positive vibrancy about whenever you vape them. They have gotten flavor reproduction down to a fine science and that is going to make sure that you are able to always have a great vaping experience. Mango Cream Dream combines luscious, bold, loud mango fruits with a smooth, soothing, premium vanilla flavored cream that keeps things interesting. Complementary doesn't even begin to describe how well paired that these two flavors really are. This liquid is manufactured by the same team behind Lemon Twist E Liquid.

**This product comes in 2, 60ml bottles.**

Primary Flavors: Mango, Vanilla, Cream