Mango Fantastic - Thee Fantastic's E Liquid

Brand: Thee Fantastic's E Liquid

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Fantastic doesn't even begin to explain how downright delicious that this flavor-packed blend is. When you're after something that is full of over the top flavor that just won't quit, this is going to be able to fit the bill in style. If you're someone who really loves a blend that's more on the sweet side but craves a little bit of freshness to allow for a bit more invigoration this will be a really great choice that will take you very far. Whatever kind of day that you're having, no matter how frustrating that it may be, having the ability to take a couple of minutes away for a quick vape break is going to allow you to forget about what's on your mind and focus on the tastes and texture that comes through with absolute excellence. This is one of those more full-flavored kinds of juices that allow for satisfaction in the snap of your fingers. It really doesn't take much for you to be able to get that effect that you're looking for and if you are a fan of tropical fruit flavors, you are definitely going to want to pick up a spare bottle. Thee Fantastic's E Liquid makes a range of simply delicious flavors that are packed with personality. Mango Fantastic combines a succulent, bold, exotic mango flavor with a sweet candy base that will have you licking your lips!

Primary Flavors: Mango, Candy