Mango - Solace Salt E Liquid

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Mango - Solace Salt E Liquid

If you are thinking about indulging in something tropical, then you came to the right place. Mango is not only the of the fruit that is the star of this salt e liquid by Solace, but it is also the name of it. Seems like this salt e liquid was too good to be named something else. When you take the first hit, you will quickly taste the fruit beginning to travel in your mouth and begin to roam around. It notices that you have not tried something this good in a while, but it believes it has the power to give you what you need. The mango is going to be very juicy and even have a creamy touch to it so that it can be smooth. As the salt e liquid continues to travel around your mouth, you may start to envision yourself walking by the beach and enjoying the breeze. However, you are not empty-handed because there is a delicious cocktail in your hand that it posing as the cherry on top of a perfect sundae. Since there is some salt based nicotine in this vape juice, you better be ready to feel that intense throat hit that is going to be smooth and allow you to savor the fruit even more. It might suddenly even feel as if the juices from the ripe mango are dripping on the sides of your cheeks because it is just too ripe. As the salt e liquid proceeds to move deeper and deeper down your throat, you are going to enjoy how potent the mango gets. When you begin to exhale, remember to do it slowly so that you can have a good time seeing the small number of clouds escaping your mouth as if they had people to see and places to be. The only person they should be worried about is you because that is who they have to impress. They might not do so in size, but they will in scent. Enjoy this vape juice while you can and the experience will only get better.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Mango