Marshmallow Man 3 - Marshmallow Man E Liquid

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Marshmallow Man 3 - Marshmallow Man E Liquid

Three times a charms and for Marshmallow Man E Liquid this saying is undeniably true. Marshmallow Man I and Marshmallow Man II were both hits but Marshmallow Man III kicks up quite the storm or heat in this case. Unlike its previous counterparts, which reflected the traditional taste of regular marshmallows, Marshmallow Man 3 steps it up a notch by delving into the experimental, yet, fulfilling balance of flavors. It features a combination of marshmallows, farm fresh strawberries, and delectable custard. If nature's freshest fruit doesn't do it for you, then luxurious creamy fillings definitely will. An exciting thing about Marshmallow Man 3 is how uniquely original its flavor is. One puff of this will send you straight to the woods, shawls wrapped, sticks out, bonfire blazing. You don't need to travel the distance for that distinct experience as this juice delivers it right to the comfort of your space. None of it's unique flavors are lost in the broth and you can taste each one of them from the inhale to the exhale. If amazingness was a person, Marshmallow Man III would be its first child. With this e liquid, you're not just getting a regular flavor, you're getting a distinct one crafted with every aspect of your heightened satisfaction in mind. The strawberries in this blend, for example, are naturally made, hand picked and selected for its freshness and succulence. The custard is whipped to perfection- a rare state of luxurious smoothness. These are then laced carefully over fluffy warm marshmallows, till they melt and meld into one puffy ball of satisfaction. No questions asked, Marshmallow Man III by Marshmallow Man E Liquid is your next all day vape. You gotta try it to believe it.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Marshmallow, Custard