Maui Waui - Smoozie E Liquid

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Maui Waui - Smoozie E Liquid

Do you feel like you're due for a vacation? Some of us are very practical and save up all year around to be able to go away and explore our beautiful earth but for others, if we could we would go on trips monthly. Anyone who yearns to explore will love being able to access this scrumptious juice that brings a little bit of that vacation spirit directly to your taste buds. Before long, this will be that blend that you automatically reach for as soon as you could use a little break and day dream about sandy beaches and blue skies. With a flavor that's so authentic that it's easy to get lost in, revival will come about as quickly as can be in this blend that's all about giving you clean, natural tasting flavors in a convenient way. You will be able to start your days off right with this fresh, pure blend that leads to boundless positive energy. Maui Waui by Smoozie E Liquid is a smoothie blend that combines together ripe strawberries with some exotic mango and bold pineapple that all work together fabulously and will lead to many enjoyable vaping sessions.

Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Smoothie, Mango, Strawberry