Melon Ice - Super Salt E Liquid

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Melon Ice - Super Salt E Liquid 

What is better than a vape juice that is refreshing? Learning that the vape juice is going to offer an intense sensation. Melon Ice is one of the salt e liquids part of the Super Salt E Liquid collection that is going to be divine from start to finish. Yes, this vape juice is going to contain some salt based nicotine so that the throat hit you eventually receive is like no other. When you take a hit of this salt e liquid, it will not take long for you to realize that it is made from some of the freshest ingredients one can find. The melon notes are going to be so potent, you may grow confused as to what exactly are you indulging in; a piece of fruit or a memorable vape juice. As you proceed to inhale, the menthol hints are going to get stronger and stronger. It will not be difficult to recognize those hints either because the refreshing blast will let you know what you are messing with. It may even have a creamy side to it that allows it to gently flow down your throat so that you can get that hit we were talking about earlier. This explosion of flavors will make you salivate if you were not doing so before. The flavors get so sweet that your taste buds do not know what to do with themselves. The vape trip gets more intense, but you do not plan on breathing out anytime soon. These hints and notes should be appreciated for a long time before letting them go. When you do exhale, you let the salt e liquid gently flow out at its own pace. The clouds begin to form in front of you and you cannot get enough of their aromas. Do not hesitate to take another draw because this salt e liquid will only get better and better. 

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Melon, Menthol