Melon Mojito - Miami Ice E Liquid

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Melon Mojito - Miami Ice E Liquid

Happy hour might begin in the afternoon, but when you have Melon Mojito, it seems like there is a party whenever you take a hit. This e liquid is part of the Miami Ice E Liquid collection, which is not shy at creating some unique vape juices. Their roster is packed with several tasty concoctions that people continue to pick up, and this one is simply joining in on the fun. Right from the beginning, the first few hints will offer a huge mixture of numerous melons that make our mouths water. The watermelon will be refreshing as it puts you in the summer mood. Indulging in this ripe watermelon is always a good time as you let the sweetness dissolve on top of your tongue. The cantaloupe will be sugary, and it may even add this creamy sensation that makes the texture of this e liquid grow smooth. If you think you can use some more sweetness, then you will most likely fall in love with the honeydew melon notes. It is more sugary than a cantaloupe, but that is the best part of the whole experience. Eventually, you will savor the lime, which is kind of like a garnish to the wonderful cocktail. However, there is one more thing missing, but you will probably taste it faster than you can think about it. The menthol will give the icy touch that makes every warm-blooded person want to cross his or her arms in order to preserve some heat. It might even get chillier as the throat hit goes off. Well, it is not going to be an intense throat hit, but it will be one that still lets you appreciate what this e liquid was made for. When breathing out appreciate the wonderful clouds that appear in front of you. They get obnoxiously big, but it seems like the wonderful aromas are the ones that will steal your attention. 

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Lime, Menthol

PG/VG: 20/80