Menthol Freeze - VB E Liquid

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Menthol Freeze - VB E Liquid

We all need a little refreshment throughout our busy days and Menthol Freeze by VB E Liquid is the extreme, cold, refreshing flavor that we all crave. Close your eyes and imagine it. You've just been dropped by a bush plane into an Arctic tundra. You thought that you were headed to some sunny, tropical paradise but you got mixed up at the airport and found yourself here wearing nothing but a t-shirt, some shorts and a pair of flip-flops. You look around for any sign of civilization and all that you can see is a group of penguins. Did you ever think that you'd find yourself in a situation where you were afraid of penguins? Either way, they are headed towards you and there is nothing that you can do to get away from them. To your surprise, they want to help! They bring you back to an igloo with a warm fire burning in the middle of it and cozy blankets all around. You end up enjoying your accidental vacation so much that you don't even feel bothered by the fact that you didn't get to spend your days working on a tan. The only thing that makes you feel connected back to your new frozen home away from home is this vape juice blend that offers a blast of menthol flavor that rivals that of the freezing cold wind that seems to hit you all the way down to your very bones. Feel revived, clean and full of pep and energy once you vape this tasty, effective vape juice blend. This will become one of those juices in your collection that you will want to take with you everywhere.

Primary Flavors: Menthol, Fruit

PG/VG: 10/90