Mint - Dream MTL E Liquid

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Mint - Dream MTL E Liquid

We could all use just a little bit extra freshness in our lives, couldn't we? When you're going non stop, taking care of things, having fun and living your life, a little bit of extra invigoration and energy is always welcomed. The clean, refreshing flavor that's held in this blend that was specifically made with mouth to lung vaping in mind is going to be able to deliver that to you full force. Forget about those afternoons spent trying to minimize talking to others as much as possible because you ate some delectable garlic packed dish. When you have a juice like this around it will be so easy to take a couple of inhales, feel its effective and yummy flavor take over and be confident about interacting with anyone that you come across. Dream MTL E Liquid creates freebase nicotine juices that will work well with most open pod systems that are out there on the market. They've given staple, classic flavors new life that will have them serving your collection quite well. The flavor Mint will be like a breath of fresh air with its crisp, clean flavor that has a more natural flair. As it hits your taste buds, that hint of sweetness impacts you first with that familiar zing that you could only expect from a true mint flavor. This is definitely an option that is going to be reached for frequently and become a quick favorite.

Primary Flavors: Mint