Napoleon Complex - Vape Wild E Liquid

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Napoleon Complex - Vape Wild E Liquid 

You might notice that when it comes to height, society might treat you a specific way. It seems like we sometimes witness shorter individuals getting the short end of the stick. As tragic and unfair as that sounds, this e liquid might make things better if you do not have the ideal stature. Napoleon Complex might remind you of one of the topics from your sociology or psychology classes, but it is actually the name of the e liquid that is going to be mouthwatering. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to taste some napoleon cake making its way into your mouth. Perhaps this is where this e liquid got its name; Napoleon referring to the cake, and Complex because it is trying to solve your problem in finding the perfect dessert? Very interesting! Anyways, the Napoleon cake is going to be creamy as if it was covered in custard. You are even going to taste the crust of this pastry getting flaky and crunchy as it breaks down in your tongue. As you keep pulling, you are going to taste the blueberries that were added to this dessert item for a little finesse. The blueberries are going to have this amazingly sweet kick that is going to make your taste buds tingle. Whoever picked out the berries that were added in this blend should clearly deserve a metal or some kind of raise for their incredible work. This carefully made pastry is going to smoothly travel around your palate and then begin to make its way down your throat. There is not going to be an intense throat hit, but it will still be one that explodes the flavors in your mouth and makes you want to sit at home all day and treat yourself to this cake.


Primary Flavors: Cake, Blueberry

PG/VG: 35/65