Nectar Berry - Mix E Liquid

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Nectar Berry - Mix E Liquid

You've got to shake things up every once in a while to keep things fresh, don't you? This is why Air Factory has brought a whacky, unique blend into the mix and this one will give you so much different, one off-flavor that you are going to feel like you are embarking on a whole new journey as a vaper all together. This is a juice that brings together two kinds of fruit to make a mashup of epic proportions that will have your taste buds buzzing around and your mind in a whirl. Who would have ever thought of combining these fruits together? We don't know quite how they came up with the idea but we sure are happy that they did because it tastes absolutely scrumptious! There are so much time and care that's gone into the making of this blend, you can clearly see the work that has been put into it with all of the small details that have been added to give you the most pleasurable vaping experience possible in a hurry. Whenever you go to vape this blends you are going to know deep down that you will have refreshment for a long time and be able to get all of that favor and vibrancy that you crave without having to make any compromises. Mix E Liquid develops some of the most interesting and inspiring flavors that you will ever try with their way of coming up with completely unique, on off kinds of blends that set themselves apart from everything else that is out there on the market. Nectar Berry combines succulent nectarines with crisp, juicy apples and farm fresh strawberries into one delightful mix that will have your taste buds going at full tilt.

Primary Flavors: Nectarine, Strawberry, Apple