Neon Sours - Juicy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid

Brand: Juicy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid

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Neon Sours - Juicy SZN By Vape SZNS E Liquid 

When you go to the movie theatres to see a film that you have been waiting for months to finally see it, you want to have the correct snack ready for you to munch away. You do not want to get up in the middle of your movie because you simply ran out of treats to eat, and you definitely do not want to miss an important scene. One of the snacks that always hit the spot is a pack of several sour gummy snacks that are going to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your taste buds. Well, we are about to introduce you to an e liquid that is going to be so good, you might want to indulge in it when you are not trying to pay attention to a film. Neon Sours is the name of the e liquid that is going to make you feel as if you are helping yourself to a bag of several sour gummies in the shape of different critters. When you take a pull, it might feel as if you had no self-control and just pour the whole bag of sugary snacks in your mouth. As you savor this e liquid, your mouth might start to pucker because of all of the sour notes that are scattering around your palate as if they were having some kind of mosh pit inside of it. Suddenly, you realize that they might have got a little too reckless because the e liquid is beginning to make its way down your throat. You are not sure exactly what is about to happen, but you let the e liquid do what it has to in order for you to have a good time. There is going to be a small throat hit that is going to make the flavors even more potent so that your mouth can possibly salivate. As you slowly breathe out, you are getting teased by the last few notes that this e liquid has to offer and then admire the clouds that are crowding around you so that you can smell their aromatic pleasing fragrance. 

Primary Flavors: Candy, Fruit