Nightshade - Graveyard E Liquid

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You don't need to venture all the way down to the circus grounds to be able to taste this irresistible treat that recks havoc on our dental work. As bad as it is for you and as damaging as it is to our teeth, when you see these being offered somewhere, you just can't help but give it. Maybe it's the novelty factor or the nostalgia but the taste and smell of them alone is enough to take someone who has the willpower of steel and make them give in. Now you can access this delectable sweet flavor whenever the cravings kick in with this juice that delivers all of the taste with none of the downsides. There is a very fun quality about this juice that will keep you coming back to it whenever you need your mood to be lifted up and a bit of energy to be your fantastic self. Whenever you pull this blend out, it's like you're automatically going to be put into a more positive state where you can really soak in all of the good times. This is a great dessert based juice option for someone who values balance and wants a little bit of freshness thrown into the mix. Graveyard E Liquid makes some of the most interesting and expressive juices out there with a huge focus on quality. Nightshade takes a crisp, juicy apple and covers it in a rich, sweet caramel that will have your mouth watering at the very thought of it.

Primary Flavors: Caramel, Apple