Noce - Krema E Liquid

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Noce - Krema E Liquid

The only thing better than regular ice-cream is silky smooth ice-cream and if you're abreast of the trend, you'd know that gelatos have taken over. Take yourself on a trip to Italy with this sophisticated flavor that will be different from anything else you may have in your vape juice collection. Noce by Krema E Liquid is a rich, creamy gelato that's been infused with a nutty crumble of pistachio and almonds for a flavor that will hit your taste buds in all of the right ways. Experience the chilling deluxe silkiness of sophisticated cream topped abundantly with nuts and pistachio. If there ever was such a thing as exotic ice cream, Noce by Krema E Liquid would be it.

Enjoy a thick creamy inhale as you puff on this delectable concoction. Your taste buds will hit the highest notes of satisfaction, to say the least. The market is saturated with a lot of e juices these days and it may be hard to tell the good ones but Noce by Krema E Liquid is worth every buck you spend on it. Its unique flavor and taste is representative of the immense care put into its preparation, making it extremely obvious that Krema E Liquid is, not only a master of the craft but also, dedicated to consumer satisfaction.

A complete vape experience is not limited to the unique taste of an e liquid alone, clouds and smoothness also contribute to this. Noce, on inhalation, possesses a silky smooth hit that prevents it from being harsh on your throat. Its sweetness has no detrimental effect on your coils and it comes with the promise of thick luscious clouds. There's no reason why you aren't already vaping to this. Noce is, simply put, a fantastic, gourmet flavor that will get you through your day with a smile.

Primary Flavors: Gelato, Almond, Pistachio