November - VC Labs E Liquid

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November - VC Labs E Liquid

If you live in an area that experiences all four seasons, then you clearly have been blessed with the ability to notice the beauty that each one has to offer. However, many of us may also agree that the Fall season is the best one, and now you will not have to go through all the season to get a little taste of it. November, by VC Labs E Liquid, is the name of the beautiful e liquid collection that carries some of the savory vape juices that you may find yourself constantly picking up. Take a draw and fall in love with the rich combination that reminds anyone who gives it a tug of a succulent pastry made from the best ingredients. The creamy cheesecake flavor sinks on top of your taste buds and gives you this sweet and tart sensation that is extraordinary. As you begin to feel like this is actually a treat that came out of a luxurious bakery, the pumpkin flavor grows potent and offers the autumn vibe that is relaxing. Lastly, the graham cracker notes give off this crunchy texture that makes you want to start chewing away. It is as if it was sprinkled on top of the cheesecake to give it some pizzazz. The e liquid will have a throat hit that is not very intense but still enhances the primary flavors of this trip. Once you think it is time to exhale, gently let this e liquid flow out of your palate. The clouds form in front of you, as the e liquid teases your taste buds with the last bit of hints and notes. The teasing may not last long because the size of these clouds is going to be mesmerizing. No, you did not take a huge hit, your cloudy friends are just very obnoxious. The aromas are divine and they might virtually not go anywhere if you have 60ml bottle of e liquid.

Primary Flavors: Pumpkin, Cheesecake, Graham Cracker