Nutty Caramel - Bantam Vape E Liquid

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Nutty Caramel - Bantam Vape E Liquid


Access a classic confectionary flavor that has a more gourmet feel in the option Nutty Caramel by Bantam Vape E Liquid. You can pick this sweet vape juice up in a 60ml bottle size with 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. Made out of a carefully selected list of ingredients that were chosen for their flavor reproduction as well as cloud stimulating and craving satisfying qualities, this high-quality selection can be used with a typical sub ohm setup. Bantam Vape E Liquid makes a varied array of vape juices that have flavors that are inspired by some popular classics that we are all drawn to as well as some more unique profiles that can bring adventure into your collection. They construct their products according to carefully placed production steps that work to ensure that all of their selections are consistent, work the way that they were designed to, and can allow for higher quality vaping sessions. Nutty Caramel combines together a rich, deep caramel base with a hint of creamy milk and then works in a number of toasted nuts that bring a savory richness to this sweet option.

Primary Flavors: Caramel, Milk, Nut