Oober Goober - ELC E Liquid

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Oober Goober - ELC E Liquid

 At first, the combination may seem odd, really odd but trust us when we say that this exotic dish has a huge following for a very good reason. It's always nice to be able to get a little bit out of your comfort zone and have some fun, this is just the kind of blend that is going to allow you to get out there and widen your horizons while enjoying something that is truly delicious. A blend like this is a great option for anyone who loves to walk on the wild side and lives for new experiences, it's complementary flavor will be an introduction to this dish that will leave a lasting impression on you and have you coming back to it every time that you feel as though you need something that will help to push you further. Have the time of your life and partake in a vaping session that you will never forget with this enchanting blend that was most definitely done justice by the team over at ELC E Liquid. This is one of those collections that are going to be the first that you go to anytime that you're in the market for a new blend. The quality that they are able to bring to the table is really something to behold. Oober Goober is made to impress with its creamy, smooth, decadent ice cream base that's infused with Asian ube yams for a sweet and nuanced flavor.

Primary Flavors: Ube, Ice Cream