Optrop - Jimmy The Juice Man E Liquid

Brand: Jimmy The Juice Man

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Optrop - Jimmy The Juice Man E Liquid

Take a trip to the tropics with this blend that is so packed with fruit flavored goodness that you will fall head over heels with it from your first inhale. It can be hard to find juices that have that amazing, cohesive and most importantly balanced quality about them and this one most definitely has that feature about it that makes it so that it can be enjoyed absolutely all of the time. There is no doubt about it, this is a superior blend that has quite a bit to offer. You will notice just how vibrant, smooth and high quality that it is which makes it a very likely contender to be your new all day, every day vaping option. Even if you are the kind of person who loves the idea of having loads of different juices around to choose from, you could very well end up in that situation where the only juice that you want to vape is Optrop. Anyone who really loves their fruit based juice blends will be able to appreciate the amount of skill that has gone into taking these expressive, natural flavors and making them into a juice form that is as close to the real thing that you could even fathom. Jimmy The Juice Man E Liquid makes a massive line of different flavors that are going to have an offering for every single person out there. They come up with really interesting and unheard of flavor combinations that will grab a hold of your taste buds and refuse to let go. Their quality is impeccable and their dedication to excellence is unquestionable. Optrop is a combination of all of those bold, attention grabbing flavors that you could ever think of put into one bottle of delicious juice.

Primary Flavors: Tropical Fruit