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A unique snack is something that you should always be able to treat yourself to. You are going to want to make sure this is the same snack that is going to have a citrusy touch while also being velvety so that it feels comfortable traveling around your palate. There is a high chance you may be able to find something like this from your local bakery, but why not give this e liquid a try and experience the trip that it is about to take you on. Orange Dream, by Lady Boss Vapor, is what they call this succulent vape juice that is going to be iconic from beginning to end. Think you are ready to give it a try? Well, be our guest and start puffing away. As you start to inhale, you are first going to recognize the creamy texture that this e liquid is going to carry. It will easily have the opportunity to roam around your mouth in order to touch every taste bud in it. Suddenly, you are hit with the citrusy blast we were talking about earlier and it is amazing. This hint is, of course, coming from some zesty oranges that are going to be juicy and flavorful. Looks like these oranges obviously came from Florida since that is the state that produces some of the best ones. Anyways, notice how well both the creamy goodness and the ripe orange are coming together as if they have known each other for several years. Your mouth might begin to water, and your taste buds might be getting overwhelmed at this point because the different hints are just exploding. Exhale and allow the clouds to crowd around you, which is their way of giving you permission to smell their amazing scents. Do not stop there, and go for another hit that will have you coming back for more.

Primary Flavors: Orange, Cream 

PG/VG: 25/75