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Original Bubble Gum - Stackers E Juice
$ 40.00
Original Bubble Gum - Stackers E Juice
Original Bubble Gum - Stackers E Juice
$ 40.00

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Primary Flavors
Product Description

Original Bubble Gum - Stackers E Juice 


Do you remember the first time you ever had bubble gum? My memory is a little hazy but I do. It was the night after Halloween, I had gotten a lot of candy and mum was separating them into tiny sections in order of sweetness. I noticed that the bubble gums weren't part of this order. She put them in a separate file that eventually went straight into her handbag. Curious, I asked why I wasn't getting any of the bubble gums to which she replied, "because you're not a chew-chew train". The entire room burst into laughter. I wasn't quite sure where they had found their humor but I know that the next couple of minutes resulted in a series of unnecessary puns. "Heard about the astronaut that stepped on gum? He got stuck in Orbit".  "What did the bubble gum tell the shoe? I'm stuck on you!" It was a mess. In the midst of their rants, I spotted a single piece of gum, hidden gingerly behind the sofa. Ignoring them, I grabbed it and rushed to the bathroom.  It was a tiny one, wrapped carefully in a pink paper wrapper. I tore on it carefully, for fear of it dropping in the sink. It looked like every other candy, bright in color with a delicious smell. I put it in my mouth immediately wondering what the entire fuss was about. My questions were answered in the next few minutes. This thing was extremely different from anything I had ever had before. It was delicious like regular candy but not as hard, it was chewy but it never dissolved, it was everlasting candy. I never forgot the feeling that day, knowing I could have my sweets and eat it too. I also never felt that way again until I tried Original Bubble Gum by Stackers E Juice. It makes sense, after all, it is the Original Bubble Gum, same as the first one you ever tried and loved; exceedingly delicious, not too hard, chewy but not dissolving, more like everlasting candy. If you're looking for  an e juice that brings back fond childhood memories, look no further, get the Original Bubble Gum by Stackers E Juice.


Primary Flavors: Candy

PG/VG: 40/60

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