Peach Iced Reds Apple - Vape 7 Daze

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Peach Iced Reds Apple - Vape 7 Daze 


It would not be strange if one feel as if they may have savored this blend before, but give it sometime and realize this is not the regular Peach Reds Apple by Vape 7 Daze. Peach Iced Reds Apple is brought to us by the same collection and now it includes an extra ingredients that makes the experience even more refreshing than before. This mouthwatering e liquid comes packed in a 60ml unicorn bottle, which hold a decent amount of the vape juice to please us for quite a while. Take your time choosing one of three nicotine strengths available, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, because we understand the importance it is to indulge in a delicious blend with the level of intensity that makes the vape trip better. However, everyone will still be able to appreciate a small, yet smooth, throat hit no matter the nicotine strength that one decides to go with. Take a hit and fall in love with the juicy and sugary combination of the peaches and apples that is one of a kind. Allow the icy sensation to add a cooling touch to the experience, and enjoy how it turns this vape juice into a wonderful cocktail that is made from the finest ingredients. Peach Ice Reds Apple will keep many of us coming back for more. 

Primary Flavors: Peach, Apple, Menthol