Peaches & Creme - Mimi's French Toast E Liquid

Brand: Mimi's French Toast E Liquid

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Peaches & Cream - Mimi's French Toast E Liquid

Have your breakfast all day, every day with this blend that takes all of the trouble out of preparing a big, decadent meal. Most of us are so busy all of the time that we can't be bothered to get up early, put together a meal and do all of the clean up afterward. Have you ever gone to a diner during those hectic morning hours? There is no way that you would be able to get in and out of there in a reasonable amount of time. So, unfortunately, you're usually stuck with grabbing just a quick piece of fruit or cup of coffee that really doesn't cut it. The weekends are when it all gets better because you finally have a bit of freedom in your schedule and can treat yourself to a big, wholesome breakfast that starts your day off right and makes you feel cared for as well as comforted. Exactly what you needed to have those nagging cravings conquered and your spirits to feel uplifted. Mimi's French Toast E Liquid is the solution to all of your breakfast blend needs with their well balanced flavors that are so expertly paired and skillfully put together that they will become some of your most frequently reached for juices. You can take them on the go for the decadence that you crave all of the time, no questions asked. Peaches & Cream starts off with a warm french toast base and is topped with some of the sweetest, most succulent peach slices as well as a big dollop of fluffy light whipped cream. Every day will feel like a celebration with this juice in your tank,

Primary Flavor: Peach, Cream, French Toast