Peppermint - Mints E Liquid

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Peppermint - Mints E Liquid

With a familiar flavor, you may very well find yourself in a festive mood after taking an inhale of the flavor Peppermint by Mints E Liquid. Each pack of this juice comes with 2, 60ml bottles that are offered in the nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.

Peppermints have that staple, classic mint flavor that is able to add freshness and revival into any pallet but with a little bit of extra sweetness that will appeal to those of us who like sugary candies. Instead of waiting until the winter holidays to stock up on those little red and white pinwheel style hard candies or a candy cane, this blend offers a convenient solution to your peppermint craving woes.

Mints E Liquid specializes in making juices that are inspired by the most popular and beloved mint options out there. Peppermint has just the right balance of fresh, lightness and sugary sweetness that makes it an option that will assist in keeping you away from the office candy bowl while giving you a little pep in your step from its invigorating qualities as well.

Primary Flavors: Peppermint