Pineapple Nom Nom - Goldleaf Drip E Liquid

Brand: Goldleaf Drip E Liquid

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Pineapple Nom Nom - Goldleaf Drip E Liquid

Nom nom nom! This is honestly the sound that you will continue to make when you exhale and let the e liquid gently leave your palate. Well, a couple of the vape juices that are part of the Goldleaf Drip E Liquid collection will have you making that obscure sound, but this one might make you say it louder than you expected. Pineapple Nom Nom is the e liquid that stays in the minds of many people when they take a draw of it. However, it is a unique tasting vape juice that might convince you that it is possibly one of the best. When you take a hit of this blend, you will enjoy the tangy pineapple flavor that will be rich and very sweet. There will even be a couple of tart notes that make your mouth pucker for a bit, but not for too long.  Suddenly, you will begin to savor this interesting flavor that you may have never thought would ever make an appearance in the vaping industry. Sticky rice is the name of the taste we are talking about, which has made this e liquid a pretty popular one. When both of these flavors come together, you may start to feel as if you are helping yourself to a fancy dish that you can only find at one of the finest Asian Restaurants in town. You are salivating like crazy, and you cannot help, but search for a place that serves a dish that tastes exactly like this. The small throat hit even makes this sensation even better than you anticipated. When you start to exhale, you enjoy the amazing clouds that are going to flow out and give you the cloud show you have been waiting for. Your fluffy friends will even carry this scent that makes you want to take another hit right away. Take as many hits as you want because you know you want to. 

Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Sticky Rice

PG/VG: 30/70