Pineapple Nom Nom - Goldleaf Drip Salt E Liquid

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Pineapple Nom Nom - Goldleaf Drip Salt E Liquid

Are you ready for a salt e liquid that is going to be unique and possibly something you have never experienced before? Well, you have come to the right place because Goldleaf Drip Salt E Liquid has something that is out of this world. Pineapple Nom Nom is one of their creations that they are certainly proud of because the public has received it very well. When you take a hit of this vape juice, you will taste the tropical pineapple making its way into your palate. This tantalizing fruit will make your taste buds tingle like crazy since it is packed with several sweet and tart hints. Right when you think this salt e liquid is about to put you in a tropical mood, you will savor the sticky rice. That's right, this vape juice will contain this interesting flavor that pops as soon as it makes its way in. It will feel as if you are at a restaurant enjoying this dish, and not vaping it from the comfort of your bedroom near the window. The longer you hold it in, the richer this trip gets. Since there is salt based nicotine in this concoction, you better be ready for the throat hit that is going to erupt in your mouth. Your trip intensifies, but you have no complaints about it. When you exhale, you will recognize a couple of your cloudy friends making their way out of your mouth. They are not going to be too big, but they will still have the amazing aromas that make you want to appreciate them some more. As they start to disappear, there is nothing else left to do but take a couple more hits before you have to come to reality. You are only on a ten minutes break so make it worth your while. 


**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Sticky Rice

PG/VG: 40/60