Pineapple Paradise - Drip Salts E Liquid

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Pineapple Paradise - Drip Salts E Liquid 

Pineapples can be one of the best fruits you can ever eat because once you find a ripe one, you are going to enjoy the juiciness and the tanginess that it has to offer. However, even when you find one that is going to be flavorful, it becomes a nuisance trying to cut one open so that you can dig in. Well, why don't you let this salt e liquid do all the work for you while at the same time adding a little extra kick? Pineapple Paradise by Drip Salt E Liquid is certainly going to make you feel as if you are on a tropical island taking in some sun and admiring the beautiful atmosphere. When you take a pull of this salt e liquid, you are going to feel as if someone just handed you a succulent cocktail to sip. First, you are going to taste the amazing pineapple that is going to have the delicious tart flavor for you to savor. It is going to sink into your taste buds and they are going to love every second of it. You better hope your taste buds are ready because they are seriously going to be surprised by the amount of flavor that comes in every pull. As you continue to inhale, you are going to begin to get this creamy sensation that is going to be everything. The creaminess is going to add some sweetness to this tart pineapple and begin to make its way down your throat. The throat hit is going to feel like a volcano erupted inside of you, but instead of lava, there are pineapple notes scattered all over the place. Since this vape juice has salt based nicotine, you should have expected this to happen. Everything is still going to remain very smooth as the flavors get more potent. When you exhale, your cloudy friends are going to come out and say hello, but they are going to be small. This will not stop them from pushing their scent on to you and letting you get hypnotized with their wonderful aromas. Salt e liquids may be intense, but when they have this kind of flavor, it is all worth it. 


**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Cream