Pink Cubes - ELC E Liquid

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Pink Cubes - ELC E Liquid 

Charming and delicious, this special blend is going to hold a near and dear place in your heart and have you coming back to it absolutely all of the time. It really doesn't get much more luscious than the flavors that are brought into life right here and we have a feeling that you are going to absolutely fall in love with it the very moment that you taste it for the first time. Having a blend like this around is going to be such a relief for anyone who finds themselves lusting after those juices that are a little bit more on the sweet side. Its taste is actually one that you are probably going to find strikingly similar to one of the most famous, soft, chewy fruit flavored candies that are out there. Forget about having to book uncomfortable, expensive dentist appointments or struggling to put off your cravings when you could actually indulge yourself and have the time of your life without any consequences. Finding fulfillment has never been easier than when you have blends that are like this one around giving you all of those qualities that you could ever desire all at once. ELC E Liquid will really shock you with their selection of flavors that seems to include an option for just about every vaper out there. Pink Cube hits all of the right spots with its creamy, rich taffy base that's been infused with vibrant, authentic strawberry flavor that adds a well-needed lightness. 

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Taffy