Pink - Loaded E Liquid

Brand: Loaded E Liquid

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Product Description

Pink - Loaded E Liquid

When we hear the word 'pink' our thoughts immediately go to the cheery, fun color and more playful, cute vibes that are ingrained into our minds. Now, after trying this, the first thing you'll connect with it is a sweet, fruity flavor that makes your senses sing. Sometimes, we just want things our way. Being able to have your cake and eat it too is typically a rare phenomenon but with a blend like this around, you are going to be able to access the freshness that you look to for revival and that sweetness that we all struggle to stay away for all wrapped up in a cohesive and delicious blend. Yes, it really can be just that easy to be able to get ahold of that taste that has been taunting you for far too many years. The flavor that this selection holds is one that's familiar in the very best of ways for so many of us and one that we definitely don't get to taste as much now that we're all adults and the dentist bill it could bring about is enough to bring anyone out of relaxation mode. Loaded E Liquid releases some of the most bold, delectable flavor packed vaping options that you could ever hope for with a real attention to detail that shines through loud and clear. Pink gives you a strawberry candy combination that will make you feel light, bright and renewed with each puff.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy