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PodFuel E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - PodFuel E Liquid
PodFuel E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - PodFuel E Liquid
PodFuel E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - PodFuel E Liquid
$ 34.99
PodFuel E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - PodFuel E Liquid
$ 34.99

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Product Description

PodFuel E Liquid Bundle (90ml) - PodFuel E Liquid

A good juice is just the kind of fuel that you need to be able to get through your day with a smile on your face and satisfaction that leads to the ultimate amount of contentment and pleasure. The PodFuel E Liquid line is able to make some of the most amazing juices that are going to have you feeling like you are floating on a cloud the very moment that you take an inhale. This bundle makes it so that you are able to try all of the fantastic flavors from this line at once, a really impressive deal. You will be keeping your collection stocked up in style and will always be able to find your vaping happy place as long as you have them around.


Flavors Included:

  • YOGO! - PodFuel E Liquid - If there's one thing we can look forward to in the morning it's the satisfying and filling flavor of smooth yogurt to satisfy our hunger. It's even better when you throw in some fresh fruit, such as strawberries and bananas, in the mix to make it even more delectable. Why save the most important meal, or in this case flavors, of the day, just for breakfast? We and the makers of YOGO! e liquid say enjoy that creamy delicious flavor of yogurt blended with ripe strawberries and tasty bananas. The yogurt gives this vapor a creamy essence that is so smooth going down you' ll barely notice you took a pull. The strawberry flavor will be as ripe, sweet and mildly tart you'll think they were plucked from off the farms and the banana flavor will be so ripe and pasty that it will be like the real thing falling apart inside your mouth. However, they already have through the superior flavor delivery system of vape. Inhale the vapor from YOGO! and you'll get that instant red berry revitalization with ripe notes of sweet and mildly tart strawberries. Then the yogurt will spread its creamy essence throughout your mouth like a soothing blanket covering your palate. The banana will add to the creaminess of the yogurt and the ripe flavor of the strawberries in a fruity cream e liquid that is 100% irresistible. So, stick with your favorite breakfast, but enjoy it as much as you want at any point during your day through YOGO! e liquid. Primary Flavors: Yogurt, Strawberry, Banana
  • Pina Chillada - PodFuel E Liquid - Imagine the one thing that could make a cool, pina colada flavored e liquid even cooler. It's the refreshing inclusion of icy menthol to freeze up the experience even more. Pina Chillada e liquid is a blend of the sweetest pineapple, the creamiest coconut and, yes, the coolest menthol flavor combined into a fabulous e liquid, ready to be filled into your tank. Take one pull of the vapor from Pina Chillada and you'll feel the relaxing tannins of the pineapple. Their crisp and sweetly tropical notes will put you in an island daze that may be hard to return to planet Earth from. The notes of creamy coconut make this experience a milky magical vape experience, and add more of the previously mentioned tropical essence. As the vapor approaches the creamy notes from the coconut and the icy particles from the menthol collide to offer the most powerful throat protection any vapor has ever been able to provide. When you've fully inhaled the vapor from Pina Chillada you'll be immersed in an island oasis of misty majesty, relaxed by the sweet pineapple and creamy coconut combo and invigorated by the smooth menthol. Exhale and breath that double threat of fresh breath, fragrantly tropical and minty at the same time. You can spend X amount of dollars on an overrated tropical vacation, or you can take one everytime you vape Pine Chillada e liquid. Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Coconut, Menthol
  • Melon Degeneres - PodFuel E Liquid - This exotic blend of three of the tastiest fruits you've ever tried deserves to remain filled in your refillable pod device at all times. If you think the famous talk show host is impressive, wait until you try an e liquid blend of melon, papaya and mango flavor. Melon Degeneres e liquid is the super refreshing mixture of juicy mango, sweet papaya and flavorful melon. Inhale Melon Degeneres and invite the melon notes to soar over your palate, dropping instant plentiful amounts of fruity refreshment. As your taste buds are basking in this refreshment, the juicy mango arrives with its tropical notes that make this flavor one of island-inspired proportions. Lastly, the papaya drops in, delivering a mild and creamy flavor to balance out all the juiciness from the other fruits. As the mist travels down your throat you'll feel a sudden invigoration from the inclusion of salt nic that will have your head in a happy daze of nicotine-induced euphoria. Pair the exotic fruit trio with the smooth salt nicotine and you have an e liquid that will be the talk of the town and may even appear on some talk shows itself. Even if it doesn't wind up on a highly-viewed talk show, this e liquid will certainly be the talk of the town and all the rage among your group of vaping friends. They'll love the juiciness, creaminess and nicotine sensation it provides. When it comes to Melon Degeneres e liquid, it's the new e liquid everyone will be talking about. Primary Flavors: Melon, Papaya, Mango

**These products contain salt nicotine and are not intended for sub ohm vaping.**


Package Contains:

  • 1 x 30ml of Melon Degeneres by PodFuel E Liquid
  • 1 x 30ml of Pina Chillada by PodFuel E Liquid 
  • 1 x 30ml of YOGO! by PodFuel E Liquid

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