Pomberry Menthol - Rogue E Liquid

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Pomberry Menthol - Rogue E Liquid

If you have ever gone to the grocery store and bought a pomegranate fruit, you will know all about how much of a struggle that it is to harvest their seeds. It really is a pain in the backside and let's face it, you're far too busy to have to deal with cutting them open and picking all of those little treasures out. This blend is going to make it so that you get all of that loud, scrumptious pomegranate flavor that you have been lusting after in its finest form that is completely and totally hassle free. That fine fruit is accented with a few other aspects that act to complement and uplift its already amazing flavor so that you get a much more complex and enjoyable experience that will keep you wanting to come back for it. Honestly, it could be a really great contender for your new daily blend that comes with you on those long work days where you need your vape break the very most. After a week or two of having this juice, you're going to be asking yourself just how you were able to live this long without it in your life. Rogue E Liquid creates blends that are made by vapers for vapers, giving you all of those wonderful qualities and features that you look for in one super convenient and valuable package. They never release anything that isn't exceptional quality and are able to very quickly have you falling completely and totally in love with them. Pomberry Menthol combines a juicy, intense pomegranate fruit with some tart, ripe, bold blackberries and a rush of icy cold menthol that will perk up your senses in an instant!

Primary Flavors: Pomegranate, Blackberry, Menthol