Pompaya - DNA Salt Vapor

Brand: DNA Salt Vapor

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Pompaya - DNA Salt Vapor

This charming juice is going to take you by storm with its way of bringing together two unlikely fruit companions to make a combination that will stop you right in your tracks. If you are a fruit flavor lover, you are going to come to find that this is just the solution to your needs for finding a fruit-based blend that is going to allow you to truly have it all and widen your horizons with ease. If you have found yourself struggling with finding that unique blend that is going to inspire you to get out there and be a little bit more bold, then this one is definitely it. What more could you ever desire when you have something that is just this scrumptious around giving you so much incredible vibrancy. When you pour this blend into your tank it is going to be like you are vaping a ray of pure sunshine that makes you feel totally overjoyed. Right from the get-go, this is going to be one of those favorites that you pick up when you need a boost of energy and revitalization. DNA Salt Vapor is going to beyond impress you with their way of making high-quality juice selections that are made with salt based nicotine which is really going to send you for an impactful session. They have a knack for coming up with really interesting and fantastic flavor combinations that are set apart from everything else that's out there. Pompaya combines some juicy, succulent pomegranate fruits with tropical, bold papaya in a charming and delicious way.

**This product contains salt nicotine and is not intended for sub-ohm vaping.**

Primary Flavors: Pomegranate, Papaya