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Prickleberry Lemonade - Bird E Juice
$ 19.99
Prickleberry Lemonade - Bird E Juice
Prickleberry Lemonade - Bird E Juice
$ 19.99
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Prickleberry Lemonade - Bird E Juice



It's time to revamp the classic summer liquid refreshment. Lemonade has always held a special place in your heart for its thirst quenching abilities and simultaneous tasty sweet n' tangy attributes. There's a new breed of lemonade flavor on the block and it's sure to dominate the vape juice scene. Prickleberry Lemonade is an e juice that blends the traditional flavor of sweet n' sour lemonade with the boosting flavor profiles of blueberry, pear, and cactus. You don't have to wander into the desert to obtain this unique e liquid. Just grab a bottle or 2, fill your tank and take a deep pull from Prickleberry Lemonade e juice. As you inhale, the classic, refreshing properties of lemonade will spread over your palate through a sweet mist with a tangy twist. As you're enjoying this citrus delight, the bold tannins of ripe blueberry flavor step in to grab your taste buds and take them for a berry-fueled spin. All this tanginess and boldness needs to be balanced somehow. In steps the sharp notes of cactus and the crisp properties of the mild pear flavor to wrap this flavor up in a full spectrum of the best flavors represented. The tangy lemonade and bold blueberry flavors pair perfectly to excite your palate while the sharp notes of cactus and the mild tannins of pear make it a smooth mist to travel fro your mouth to your throat and lungs. Trust us, after one pull of Prickleberry Lemonade e juice you'll never look at regular lemonade or lemonade e liquids the same. You'll deny them. Now you've been entranced by a revolutionary reinvention of the best summer refreshment flavor, amped up by bold blueberries and gifted with an element of crispness from the cactus and pear inclusions. Once you take a drag from Prickleberry Lemonade e juice there's no going back.


Primary Flavors: Lemonade, Blueberry, Cactus, Pear

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