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Prinz - Krone E Liquid
$ 24.99
Prinz - Krone E Liquid
Prinz - Krone E Liquid
$ 24.99

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Product Description

Prinz - Krone E Liquid


Seated next to Prinzessin was Prinz. He seemed calm, relaxed and laid back as he was the only one of the family sporting sunglasses, and not necessarily wearing the crown on his head correctly as it kind of sloped to the side like he was wearing a baseball cap. “You can’t leave without trying this out,” he said with a mischievous and charming smile. “You’re going to love this!” He added. Vee took a drawl from the mod and was hit with a blast of cool and refreshing flavors. Prinz had to of been the coolest juice out of the Krone E Liquid collection, according to Vee. She looked over at Prinz who seemed more confident in his juice than the others and smiled again. She took another hit from the mod, and again held the flavors in her mouth to pick them each apart. If Vee wasn’t under any kind of spell before, she was at that very moment. A shiver was sent down her spine as she was met with a kiss of a cool menthol flavor. She smiled coyly at Prinz, and soon the pomegranate notes settled into her taste buds. It was a tart and sweet flavor that was deserving of a good swoon reaction. The taste of cool menthol and pomegranate remained as she exhaled out the fragrances into another dense cloud. Taking a couple more hits, the room was filled with the sweet nectars of pomegranate, wrapped up in a cool menthol. “I told you you would love it!” The Prinz proclaimed. Vee nodded, agreeing. “I’ll take two of these,” she said. The Prinz happily gave her a couple more bottles of Krone E Liquids’ Prinz for her to enjoy, and for her to tell all her friends about it. Vee felt lucky to have stumbled across this mysterious castle in a steam cloud and was eager to spread the word of this royal family of Krone E Liquids.  


Primary Flavors: Pomegranate, Menthol

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