Purple No. 1 (Berry Medley Lemonade) - Twist E Liquid

Brand: Twist E Liquid

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Purple No. 1 (Berry Medley Lemonade) - Twist E Liquid

With a fruit-forward flavor that can capture your attention at first inhale, this bold and refreshing option by Twist E Liquid comes in either two, 60ml bottles or a single 60ml bottle that will allow you to keep on vaping it without the worry of running out too quickly.

This intense blend comes in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strength options which will allow you to pick whichever option best suits your cravings and personal preferences. Made by the popular brand Twist E Liquid, which is well renowned for their authentic and punchy fruit-based juices that are able to keep their true to form feel by never being too overly sweet, this blend lives up to their reputation of releasing well rounded and cohesive vaping options.

Purple No. 1 (Berry Medley Lemonade) starts off with that classic, well-known lemonade base that has just the right amount of sourness that offsets the mixture of sweet berries that it's blended together with. Each inhale offers a rush of ripe, freshly harvested flavors that are reminiscent of those you could find at any good barbeque or picnic during those warm, summer months.

Primary Flavors: Lemonade, Mixed Berries