Rapplemelon - Jungle Drip E Liquid

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Rapplemelon - Jungle Drip E Liquid

Find your happy place with this scrumptious blend that brings a whole lot of personality into every inhale. The way that this blend is able to bring together so many different aspects to make one cohesive and delicious blend really is something special. As soon as you have a chance to try it you are going to feel so over the moon excited to be able to call it your own and know deep down that you can access it whenever you need something delicious that you can access. Why would you ever want to have to settle for something that doesn't give you that intensity that you crave when you can get all of the flavor that you could ever desire right here without having to make any compromises whatsoever. The magic that comes from owning a selection like this really says it all and will have you telling all of your friends about it so that they can get in on the fun as well. It's hard to keep something like this a secret and we have a feeling that you are going to absolutely be obsessed with this juice and want to reach for it every day. Jungle Drip E Liquid makes some of the most spectacular juices that you will ever come across with their way of taking fresh fruit flavors and bringing them to life with their skilled mastery. They use nothing but the best of the best quality products so that you can have the most amazing experiences possible. Rapplemelon will stun you with its arrangement of a sweet candy base that comes together with crisp apple and refreshing watermelon flavors to give you something special that's unlike anything else that you've ever had before.

Primary Flavors: Candy, Apple, Watermelon