Rat Rod - Busted Up E Liquid

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Rat Rod - Busted Up E Liquid

This succulent blend has got the power to make you feel completely refreshed and revived with its stunning taste. The fresh and juicy feel that you get from this option is like nothing else that you've probably had before. This is just one of those well made, exceptional quality choices that will be able to give you loads of great use. It's a blend that no matter how many blends that you may have in your repertoire this will become one of those regulars that end up in consistent rotation. Busted Up E Liquid makes some of the most amazing juices that go against the grain and offer something that is completely different. As soon as that fruit medley makes contact with your senses, it's game over. You are going to feel those butterflies in your stomach and pitter-patter in your heart that lets you know that you've found your vaping soulmate. Rat Rod combines together tart raspberries with juicy, succulent peaches and tropical dragon fruit that come together flawlessly. Get that boost of invigoration in a jiffy with Rat Race!

Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Peach, Dragon Fruit