Razz Man - Sengoku Vapor

Brand: Sengoku Vapor

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Razz Man - Sengoku Vapor

Don't fool yourself any longer, the summer is here and with that comes the need to reevaluate your juice collection and bring some new, refreshing blends into the mix. This is something that will have you smiling from ear to ear and wishing that you could have gotten ahold of it a long time ago. It just has this balanced and refreshing vibe about it that will put you into this completely chilled out kind of mood that just emphasizes all of the fun that comes along with this warmer season. it is simply wonderful to be able to access this selection and get all of that revival that you crave in a hurry. It just has this amazing taste to it that's hard to be able to ignore. We're sure that you've tasted a slushy before, those are the ultimate warm-weather treats that make it so you are able to get that intense invigoration that we require in a hurry. Many of us would spend way too much of our allowance on them and find that they were the one thing that was able to always keep you light, cool and calm when the heat was at full blast. Sengoku Vapor makes some of the most interesting and nuanced flavors that you will ever experience with a dedication to keeping all of their different flavors tasting just as authentic and delicious as can be. The skill and true talent that they hold is really something special and will send you into this passionate, overjoyed mood. Razz Man takes a slushy base and gives it loads of tart, bright raspberry flavor that will tickle your taste buds and have you put into this energetic, positive place that you never want to come back from.

Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Slushy