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Feeling reserved? Well, we hope not because you should maybe get out of your shell and allow others to get to know you. On the other hand, if you are willing to give this e liquid a try, you will most likely not want to stop taking more hits off it. Reserve Blend, by Lady Boss Vapor, is the name of the tasty e liquid that only gets better the longer you hold it in. There are going to be several flavors that make this whole trip way more intense than you expected, and there is a high chance you will quickly fall in love with it. When you begin to breathe in, you can taste this white chocolate flavor that will be unbelievable. There is no doubt about it that this chocolate was aged in a fancy barrel because of its richness. Take that boring chocolate bar companies. As you continue to enjoy your draw, there is a hazelnut touch that will give you several more sweet notes so that you do not grow bored. The combination of both the white chocolate and hazelnut is going to provide an interesting sensation, but there is one more flavor that is going to make the vape trip even better. The creamy cappuccino is going to turn this e liquid into a cup of a sweet and rich beverage. It is going to be a delicious experience that you will like to go through several times a day. As you begin to exhale, do not be afraid to look a little dramatic as you let the e liquid exit as easy as possible. The clouds might give you the courage to go for many more hits because of the show they are able to put on. Hesitation to take another hit should be a sin because an e liquid this good should be appreciated more than once.

Primary Flavors: White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Cappuccino

PG/VG: 30/70