Righteous Rip - Vape American Classics E Liquid

Brand: Vape American Classics E Liquid

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Righteous Rip - Vape American Classics E Liquid

Are you the life of the party? The person who is always the first to try something new, go out of their way to add a bit of joy into someones day and is always looking for an excuse to add a bit of fun into even the most mundane of daily tasks? Whether you are or you're just someone who strives to be that kind of fun, outgoing, positive person, this blend is going to make it easy to be put into that mood and mindset that will turn around any day and make you so much happier than ever in the process. As you taste the special flavors that are put into play you might find yourself just a tad bamboozled. Are your taste buds picking it up right? You will puzzle and think over and reconsider the flavor profile that you're vaping because there can't be any way that it's true. We can assure you that it is though and when you taste it you are going to be completely and totally thrown for a loop in the best of ways. Way out, wacky and unique this is a juice that is so one off that you will never see anything else quite like it out there. Vape American Classics E Liquid comes out with the most inspiring, exciting and comforting blends that take classics that we know, love and drools over and they add in new twists that update them and have you looking forward to being able to vape them. Righteous Rip starts off with a light, airy, fluffy cotton candy base and then adds in some fresh, fruity, rainbow sherbet flavor that will have you bouncing off the walls with energizing delight.

Primary Flavors: Sherbet, Cotton Candy