Ringo - British Vape Co. E Liquid

Brand: British Vape Co. E Liquid

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Ringo - British Vape Co. E Liquid

Bop around the clock with this blend that's going to give you the inspiration to write a few hits of your own with its indescribably delicious flavor that is going to be a fabulous all day option for any vapers who enjoy things a little bit on the sweet side. Ringo absolutely stuns with its combination of classic dessert sensibilities and fresh fruitiness that come together to make sparks fly. Whenever you have this juice around, you just can't help but feel a little bit more cheerful and optimistic, that's the power that a blend like this has to offer. As soon as you go to take an inhale, you are going to be good to go. It's going to be settled right then and there that this is your new favorite all day, everyday blend that you just can't get enough of and no one is going to be able to sway your opinion. This is just the kind of blend that will pop up and make you feel like you've finally found that holy grail selection that you just can't ever get enough of. British Vape Co. E Liquid makes absolutely stunning juices that are going to give you loud, in your face flavor that just won't quit. Everything that they make is of the very best of the best quality and made with nothing but the very tip top quality of ingredients. Ringo takes this moist, fluffy cake base and fills it full of luscious, fresh, bold strawberries. This is the kind of blend that is going to be the must-try option for anyone who enjoys dessert based juices and crave something that will be a little bit more enjoyable and accessible during the summer time. 

Primary Flavors: Cake, Strawberry