Rock - Vibe E Liquid - 60ml

Brand: Vibe E Liquid

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Product Description

Helping yourself to this e liquid will be an experience like no other, and it will have you feeling as if you are crowd surfing during an incredible rock concert. The irony is that the name of this e liquid is Rock! When you take a pull of this e liquid, it is going to be interesting because even though you should be feeling like you are about to enter some kind of mosh pit, you are gently being transported to a candy shop with some of the richest pieces of candy known to man. As the vape juice continues to flow into your mouth, you are going to taste the blue raspberry flavor getting stronger and stronger. It is going to be sweet and tart, and your mouth might start to water like not tomorrow. As you keep pulling, you are going to realize that this is not your typical blue raspberry flavor because you are getting this sour sensation that is making your taste buds and saliva glands go crazy. Being aware that you are indulging in an e liquid, you are starting to feel convinced that you actually popped a piece of candy in your mouth that is filling up your palate with so many flavors. This e liquid is even going to have a small throat hit that is going to make the flavors explode in your mouth. It is not going to be a huge eruption, but certainly, one that lets you enjoy the sugary goodness that you crave from time to time. When you cannot hold this blend in anymore, you start to exhale and let everything out of your system. Make sure to breathe out slowly so that you can get the last few notes that are going to tease your taste buds for a bit.

Rock - Vibe E Liquid Details: 

  • Bottle Size: 60ml 
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, & 12mg 
  • Flavors: Blue Raspberry & Candy