Rolled Up Blue Raspberry - Dripping Sour Salt E Liquid

Brand: Dripping Sour Salt E Liquid

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It's so easy to find yourself completely obsessed with this blend that brings so much bold flavor directly to your senses without you having to make any sacrifices. Every aspect of this juice comes together to make this stunningly familiar taste that is going to have you obsessed with it from the very moment that you open up its package. For many of us, we haven't tasted anything similar to this for years upon years and now that we're able to bring it back into our lives in a form that won't give us bank account damaging dental problems, it's going to be a necessity that we can't help but suggest to every last person that we know. Nostalgic in the best of ways. you're not just going to enjoy this blend for the fond memories that it's able to draw out of your mind but for its effortlessly ageless taste that is just as delicious as we once remembered it to be. One inhale of this and it is going to be game over for the rest of the juices in your collection because this one just brings that 'it' factor that we all strive to discover. Dripping Sour Salt E Liquid makes some really stunning juice options that are going to allow you to really see what quality craftsmanship is. Rolled Up Blue Raspberry has a candy base infused with bold blue raspberry.

**This product is made with salt based nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Candy