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Shine - RS Labs E Liquid  

During the holidays, there are always gatherings amongst friends and family. However, the most important part about these events is that there is always food involved. From some amazingly seasoned entrees to some oven baked dessert items, your get-togethers seem to have it all. When the time comes, you might want to outshine everyone by making a succulent pie made from some of the freshest apples. Your pies can sometimes be so good that you might just want to eat it all on your own. Well, perhaps you can make a pie and bring it along, while you keep this one exclusively with you and indulge in it whenever you want. Shine is the name of the e liquid that is going to explode in your mouth when you begin to inhale. You will quickly realize that is a pie e liquid that is going to be flavorful from the apples to the extra spices that it brings to the whole experience. Speaking of the apples, you will notice that they are some of the ripest and juiciest apples you may have ever helped yourself to. Clearly, this is an apple pie that is incredible the more you admire the different tastes that are packed in it. Suddenly, you begin to taste this amazing sweet kick that is trying to be recognized, but it is very subtle. It is as if it was trying hard not to be overwhelming so it just gave you a little tease. It might taste like some rich cinnamon, but you cannot quite put your finger on it. When you exhale, do it carefully to truly take in what this e liquid brought to your palate. Do not be upset that you could not hold in this blend any longer and just take another hit that is going to be equally as good if not way better.

Primary Flavors: Apple, Pie